About our solution: KYC

While we all live in the 21st century and use our mobile phones for practically everything, there is a process throughout the banking and financial industry that is still manual: the process of incorporating new customers and comparing them to money laundering regulations .

The power of artificial intelligence to reduce costs

By incorporating artificial intelligence into our robot processes, we can take advantage of many operations that its users are doing manually, so that their employees can really concentrate on management processes by delegating the most repetitive processes to our robot, thus reducing the error 100% human.

The main advantages of our solutions are:

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The best solution to meet your customer.


Have control of the geographical area of your updates.

Mobile friendly

Your users can access from any device.

User control

Our platform allows you to have different levels of security.


The best response times.

Smart Forms

Our forms are built dynamically automatically.


Our system is 100% configurable to your needs.

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