About Us

Hubex is a company that employs the use of software robots to handle repetitive digital tasks based on rules, interacting with applications and information sources in the same way as humans.

We are a company that implements information technologies in conjunction with artificial intelligence to create customized products and solutions on challenges that institutions face in manual processes.

Usually, these manual processes require the use of paper, transcription of data to systems (which generates a high incidence of errors), use of photocopies, sending messengers to carry or bring papers and / or search for people to sign with hand and letter.

As a result, they generate excessive economic spending, a waste of time, an imprecise control of the flows in the processes and a great opportunity to be environmentally responsible while improving efficiency.

Our Mission

Allow companies to operate with unprecedented productivity and efficiency by automating any part of the company that can be automated through our most intelligent and intuitive robotic processes we call "The intelligent digital workforce."

Our Vision

Free employees from tedious and repetitive tasks, giving them more time to use their intellect and creativity to solve higher-order business challenges. We see a world where each employee will work side by side with digital workers, making them exponentially more productive and much more satisfied.

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What is Robotics Process Automation?

With the digital revolution, thousands of long and repetitive processes have been created that have come to be done quickly and effectively.

It is a field in which more and more companies are investing, since improvements in process automation generate savings of more than 45% per year, as well as ROI in this same time frame.

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Being able to analyze and manage your processes better through automation creates greater efficiency.
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Having a clear control of the flow of your processes prevents you from having hidden or unnecessary expenses.